congratulations, you have been selected to participate in the free 4 week trial

Terms and Conditions (specific to the 4 week free trial):

You are entitled to access all of the CustomFit Program with Coach Rach for 4 weeks.

Once the 4 weeks are completed you will have the option to use the $150 toward further coaching or receive a complete refund if the below are met:


1. contribute a minimum of once per week to the CustomFit Group

2. complete a positive 5 star written testimonial and post it to the Coach Rach Facebook page

3. complete a positive video testimonial and send it to Coach Rach

4. provide a before and after photo whether you believe you have made progress or not

By ticking the above terms and conditions you agree to give Rach permission to share your before and after photos, videos, and screen shots of testimonials, your social media posts and group contributions on any and all social media outlets and websites.

Further guidance and instructions will be provided on how to complete the above steps at the end of your 4 week trial. 

All other Terms and Conditions on privacy and website use still apply.