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Rachael Muldoon | Melbourne, Australia.


"I'm on a mission to help every woman I meet to become 

the strongest most bad-ass version of themselves!"


I used to think the main factor in health and wellness success was motivation, but with a lot more time and experience in this industry I now realise the most important factor is education. By educating you, 1:1 I can change your body and mindset, for life.

I am someone who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle and can pass on firsthand information about the pit falls and pressures of eating well and training hard in today’s hectic society. For me teaching is the most fulfilling part of my job as coach. I aim to be a teacher of purposeful training, flexible nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

With me, you will achieve your most beautiful, powerful and sexiest body yet! 



Rachael has worked as a registered personal trainer for over 6 years. With a large array of qualifications, including Fitness Business Management, TRX Group Instruction, Level 1 Powerlifting Coaching, Precision Nutrition, Behaviour Change in Exercise and Exercise and Stress Management, R.E.H.A.B Training  and Identifying and Managing Eating Disorders, just to name a few. She is also working towards a degree in Psychological Studies.

During her time in the fitness industry Rach has competed in the bikini division in natural body building winning a national title in 2013 with ANB Australia. The national title with ANB Australia took her to the professional division with the UFE in Canada during 2014 and 2015, where she placed 5th in the World Championships. 



My methods of coaching are a very different to the traditional fad diet crazes, the typical body building diet of chicken and broccoli or the age old "12-week challenge!"

I am so passionate about long term success and health, that I will never sacrifice quality personalised planning and believe that all plans need to be mocked up individually. Through years of research, education and coaching experience I have learnt that we are all unique creatures with a basic set of fundamental needs alongside an personal set of challenges. To overcome our these challenges we must address them and find ways to overcome them! This is where I come in. I am here to help you make permanent behavioural changes that will last a lifetime.

Nutrition: Nutrition can be confusing. Understanding meal timing, meal frequency, food selection, portions, your individual metabolic rate, macronutrients for your body type and planning around lifestyle related challenges all need to be addressed and will be through personalised meal planning which I create, specifically for you.

Allow me to make it easy for you. We all have a set of nutritional preferences and if your plan is enjoyable and practical. Tailored for your individua requirements then you are more likely to succeed! I am flexible in my approach and encourage you to be too, to ensure you make good decisions and avoid the yo-yo diet.

Training: I'm big on strength training because everyone can benefit from increasing their metabolic rate. This means we can eat more in the long run! However, I also believe a broad range of exercise should be included into a life, it’s important to live an active lifestyle and this could be, for example, doing Pilates, yoga, swimming, running, mobility work, rehabilitation/pre-habilitation, just to name a few.

I work alongside allied services in order to get you training at full capacity despite injuries or other restrictions. I will create a plan around your individual goals and adjust every 4-6 weeks based on your progress. I believe all my clients should be strong, fit and confident through resistance training. 

Lifestyle: This is one of the most important factors and most widely ignored by many trainers. Everybody lives differently! Some have children, some don't. Some are busy, some not so much. Some are passionate about health, some are not as well educated as others.

I am committed to finding the best way to fit bespoke coaching and planning into YOUR lifestyle to ensure the change you want is achievable for you. I plan around holidays, work commitments and social engagements. By doing this you will never fail. I am to enable you through education so that you feel in control of your health and wellbeing and feel empowered to succeed!