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Rachael Muldoon | Melbourne, Australia.



The secret lies in behavioural change. Join me Coach Rach in my 4 hour workshop for women in Melbourne to dive into the nitty gritty of changing your habits for the long term.

Forget exercise programs, forget nutritional plans, and forget the one size fits all diets. This workshop is about putting pen to paper and finding out where your brain stops you from sticking to your goals.

I’ll be covering techniques for battling your self talk. “Oh who cares, I’ll just eat some ice cream”. “What’s the point, I may as well eat this pizza, I haven’t lost any weight anyway”. This self sabotage has a huge influence on your results. We’ll dive into your subconscious and uncovering ways to silence the self sabotage and pave the way for long term change.

In this face to face workshop, we’ll cover YOUR specific challenges and find easy, practical solutions for overcoming personal barriers and set backs. Are you working long days and just want to get home and relax? Is your partner a fussy eater and only wants friend chicken and hot chips? Do you find it hard to balance work and your health? You’re not the only one! These are common hurdles that everyone faces but you can make small changes to existing habits and see huge results when you have the right tools.



✓ Identify your excuses and obliterate them

✓ Destroy negative thought processes

✓ Get organised and make time for healthy habits

✓ Gain confidence in your ability to make change

✓ Increase energy and focus toward your goals

✓ Get rid of bad habits & replace them with good ones

✓ Love your body now

✓ Find like minded individuals who support you

So let's do it! Secure your seat NOW before the price increase!

Coach Rach.