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October 24, 2017


Recently I was invited to experience the Rest House Flotation Pods. If you’ve never heard of or seen flotation, the therapy has dramatic positive effects on deep relaxation, creativity, mental clarity, jet lag, sleeping conditions, magnesium deficiency, hair and skin, stress and even pain! The process of floatation aims to remove sources of discomfort and stress by depriving your senses in an environment free from external stimulation. Allowing for profound relaxation, and maybe even a shift in consciousness.


How does it work: The floatation tank is large enough to fit your entire body. It contains an Epsom-Salt water solution (500kg Magnesium Sulphate) which is heated to 35°C meaning it blends seamlessly with your own body temperature. With the density of epsom salts, it causes the body to float weightlessly as if in the dead sea. This help you to feel supported  and removes the effects of gravity, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and allowing your entire body to calm.




Why Floatation: Relaxation is an integral part of your holistic well-being. The pod provides a unique experience  aimed at the art of complete relaxation. Relaxing can improve recovery from training, help you to stay alert, think more clearly at work, improve energy while training and aid in fat loss!


My top tips:


  1. Go to the bathroom just before you enter the pod - This way you won’t need to take a break half way through your amazing experience.

  2. Use the ear plugs - I don’t know about you but I HATE having water in my ears.

  3. Use the neck pillow/support - this is a floating device specifically designed to support your head, my neck can be a little cranky when I don’t support my large brain. 

  4. Cover up cuts, grazes or sensitive skin with the supplied ointment -  this will help provide a protective barrier and prevent stinging and irritation.

  5. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE - or any other stimulants for that matter, you want to be relaxed and in a trance like state, caffeine will not allow you to fully surrender. 

  6. Make sure you have plenty of time before and after -  you do not want to be rushing or feeling stressed about getting to your appointment or getting to the next, you also want to lap up the beautiful surroundings and complementary teas post float.

  7. This therapy is best combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Do not expect miracles when you fail to look after yourself in other areas. 



What else: Everything else will be explained to you by the wonderful staff at Rest House Float. So don’t be afraid to contact them or visit their website should you have any concerns. 


Rest House - Float Centre

340 South Road
Address: Hampton East, VIC, Australia, 3188

Phone: 03 8525 1881

Email: info@resthouse.com.au




Remember relaxation takes practice but it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy body. Hell! I’m still learning, that’s why it’s called practice not mastering. Give it a go and start including some relaxation practices into you weekly routine. 


Happy Floating. Love, Coach Rach!

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