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January 5, 2019


   Every year you make a vow to cut the shit and finally “get fit”, “get healthy” or whatever you want to call it. Chances are this is not your first rodeo, so why are you still unsatisfied with your health and fitness attempts? You are no doubt bombarded with loads of information on training styles and programs as well as nutritional advice and diets. All conflicting of course. Right now I can only attempt to guide you in the right direction and help you to set up your year going forward. Here are the steps for the ultimate plan of attack for 2019!


FIND YOUR WHY: It’s not just enough to know what you want but why you want it. For example, you WANT to lose weight or fit into your old jeans, but WHY you want these things is to keep up with the kids or live a happier more confident existence.

   Take this further by asking yourself why you want to keep up with the kids? Maybe because you think they deserve an involved parent. Ask again, why do they deserve an involved parent;  because you didn’t have one and you want to change it for them. Why do you want to change it for them? Because you feel let down by your parents and so on and so forth. 

   This can be done for every goal. Get to the core of your why. It’s best to repeat this process 7 times to truly get your answer. If you struggle with the answers, ask someone you trust to question you.


GET CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS AND WHAT IT WILL TAKE: Most people would love to fit into a size small, never have to worry about the pudgy bit that sits just at the top of their jeans or the daunting exercise of finding a bikini that covers the saggy bits. Is this honestly achievable, is this truly going to make you happy and do you honestly want to live like an obsessive body builder to achieve it? People I ask answer no to all of these questions. They tell me they want to exercise 3 times per week, eat healthy with the occasional treat and maintain their social life. My response is ‘I’m sorry but your behaviour does not align with your goal, therefore we need to lower your expectations’. You might be happy just dropping a clothing size or two, managing the pain in your lower back, improving your skins complexion or climbing stairs with out gasping for air! You do not need abs and perfectly firm glutes to live a happy fricken life!


PLAN IT OUT AND MAKE THE COMMITMENT: You can’t just join a gym or get a PT in order to achieve your goal. You must make a solid plan and commit to it. Start with your goal and work backwards. What is it going to take day-in day-out and week-to-week to get this shit done? This entails writing the plan down and displaying it where you and others can see it. The plan includes actions, frequencies and details that will inevitably help you reach your goals. You can use a simple table or calendar style planner for this. Here is an example:


    This sort of planning can be done for the entire year or every one to three months. Your commitments will need to change as you go along. Particularly, they need to become more intense or more frequent. Start out easy and increase the level of difficulty as the weeks go on. When you maintain a plan for 4 to 6 weeks, your fitness increases, your time management becomes attuned and your habits become stronger. A 30 minute walk becomes 40 minutes, two gym classes per week becomes three and two alcohol days become one. You can make your plan as simple or as complicated as you need it. I can help you further with nutritional and exercise planning


TEST, RETEST AND RE-EVALUATE THE PLAN: Before you execute the plan of attack, please test the metrics you wish to improve! So many people fail to do this and it drives me up the wall. How do you know whether you’ve improved if you didn’t measure in the first place!

   Secondly, how do you know the plan is even working? If you test in weeks 1 and 4 and find you’ve lost 2kg that’s pretty good! You’re on the right track, keep going. If you haven’t made progress, you need to amp it up or get some more advice! It’s really quite simple.

  The other benefit to testing is really having to face your own fucked-upness, which is great for change. Finally seeing what a piece of shit you really are can do wonders for motivation. Please read You’re Not That Great by Elan Gale for more on this topic.


I hope this kick starts your year with some different views other than the wishy-washy motivational instagram quotes. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY LATEST MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE ON INSTAGRAM ;)


Coach Rach.

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